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Contaminated HVAC Ducts: Fungal Growth And Its Role In Indoor Air Problems

One recent study, which looked at hundreds of duct liner samples taken from “problem buildings,” found that nearly half of the samples were contaminated. This presumably means that contaminated material was left in place until it either caused or contributed to ongoing IEQ problems – problems severe enough to trigger an investigation. The conventional wisdom …

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Duct-Cleaning Using Biocides and Ozone Treatments

Cleaning air ducts has become a common method of reducing the amount of indoor air pollution. There are a number of methods that air duct service providers can use to clean ducts. One method is the use of Biocides and Ozone treatments. Moisture and humidity in a duct can be a breeding ground for such …

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Chlorine Dioxide – A Water Treatment Biocide

Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is not a new chemical, but rather an old one and it was first discovered by Sir Humphrey Davy nearly 200 years ago. A yellowish-green gas in its natural state, it is used increasingly in our modern world as a more effective oxidising biocide than traditional chemicals such as chlorine or bromine. …

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Biocides In Textile

Any unwanted modification in the properties of a material brought about by the essential actions of organisms is called Bio-deterioration. Present article is concerned with the degeneration of textile materials produced by microorganisms like fungi and bacteria, and the solutions to avert or reduce their effects. Not all failures of materials by microorganisms are unwanted. …

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