Cure MS Naturally – Separating Fact From Fiction

As researchers work hard to find a medical cure for multiple sclerosis, many of us are more concerned about how to cure MS naturally. Natural methods have had some excellent results and deserve to be looked at more carefully. The drugs being used to control MS tend to be very damaging so the more that you can avoid them or reduce how much you need them the better off you will be.

There are many different theories about how to cure MS naturally, you need to be careful about which ones you look at since there are many “cures” out there that are nothing more than some ones way of making a bit of extra money, many of these cures, such as herbals with no ingredient lists can be downright dangerous as well.

When looking for a way to improve your multiple sclerosis naturally the first place any program should turn is to diet. Diet is one of the most important factors in MS self-care, so important that many experts believe that diet can be the cure that will put your MS into remission for good. Many of the diet recommendations that are available are solid advice that will teach you how to choose the types of foods you eat as well as which ones you should avoid. Learning to eat a whole foods diet and to avoid saturated fats and processes foods is essential to making an impact on this disease with diet.

An MS diet should include plenty of leafy greens, fruits and other vegetables, these foods are rich in anti-oxidants that can slow down the damage that is being done to your nerves. Fish, nuts and seeds are also essential since these contain the all-important fatty acids that are thought to have an important role in multiple sclerosis, in addition to MS patients being low in these fatty acids; they are also well known for reducing the inflammation in your body.

Vitamins should also be considered as a part of how to cure MS naturally, there are a number of vitamins that can be beneficial such as vitamins D, A,E and the B vitamins, also if you do not eat fish take a fish oil supplement to get the omega 3 fatty acids. You should also take time to exercise, not only is exercise a natural anti-inflammatory but resistance exercises can keep muscles from getting weak and yoga and stretching can provide flexibility to spastic muscles.