Curing MS – A Different Perspective

Over the years there have been many people and companies who have claimed to have a way of curing MS. The reality is that there is currently no known cure for multiple sclerosis, only ways to alleviate the symptoms and reduce the number of exacerbations. In many instances this may seem like a cure for the patient with MS.

One of the first steps to curing MS is to realize that it is a disease of industrialized modern man. This disease was relatively unheard of in history until man became mechanized and began to do things like process our foods and over farm the land. The resulting toxic chemicals and foods that are stripped of their natural goodness have been linked to causing multiple sclerosis in modern man. You will notice that it is a disease that affects predominately people who live in prosperous areas of the world. Those who live in the poorer areas of the world where the majority of the food they eat is grown in their own gardens and they experience long hours of sunlight do not seem to be afflicted by MS.

While “curing” MS may according to the medical community be impossible at the current time perhaps we are looking at it from the wrong angle. If curing it means that there are no signs of lesions in the brain and on the spinal cord, then perhaps they are right. If on the other hand curing multiple sclerosis means that a patient can experience a long and productive life while encountering few or no exacerbations then perhaps we have already found a “cure”.

If a person with multiple sclerosis makes a conscious informed decision to do those things that improve the quality of his life then he has gone a long way to curing his MS. These decisions include changing his diet to remove all processed foods and those that are high in saturated fats. These foods should be replaced with foods that are high in essential fatty acids and minerals. Removing the toxins that are used in the average farm to kill insects and parasites by eating organically grown foods has also been shown to help. Couple this with a regular exercise regimen and this healthy lifestyle has been proven to reduce the number of relapses, possibly eliminating them for years.