Moles and Removal Methods

Moles are nominally quite harmless and the main reason for patients requiring removal is for appearance purposes. Many specialists have the skills needed to categorise your mole and deal with it in the most professional way possible. You might consider having your mole removed to avoid even the slightest chance of skin cancer developing, although this is rare. Most adults have perhaps 10 to 60 moles on their body at ay one time In some cases people can develop up to 100 moles their body and there may be a slightly higher risk in this case, of developing melanoma. But as with so many other cosmetic surgery procedures the most common reason by far for any treatment is appearance. This more so with moles that appear in exposed areas like the arms, neck and legs. Sometimes irritations are caused by jewellery such as bracelets and necklaces. Treatment and removal will make the wearing of such jewellery much more comfortable. The costs involved depend on a few things. For example how large is the mole and how good is your skin for treatment. As well as this, it is then often economical to remove second thirds and 4th moles more cheaply particularly if they are all carried out at the same time. If the dermatologist feels a biopsy should be sent from examination then there will be a further charge involve. But of course, this is in your best interest as in this case it would be better to know anything ominous as early as possible.

Mole Removal Bristol - BeforeOur skilled practitioners here mole removal carry out the procedure. They have experience in many different forms of cosmetic surgery and are well skilled and ready to treat you On a more technical note there are procedures we use to remove moles and warts. The methods are skin biopsy, cryotherapy, and curettage and cautery. Cryotherapy is the technique of freezing the skin with liquid nitrogen.